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North bay construction, inc is here to use our expertise to turn your problem into a solution


Utilizing our strengths built upon over 30+ years in operation and our 3 on staff engineers, North Bay is willing and able to tackle your most complex mechanical, electrical. and construction projects.  From upgrades to governmental water & wastewater treatment facilities to turnkey,  design - build projects for commercial customers, North Bay has successfully completed projects for a variety of different sectors all over Northern Ohio on time and within budget.


water / wastewater treatment facilities

North Bay Construction, Inc. continues to be a go - to contractor to undertake all of the various upgrades / renovations needed at water & wastewater treatment facilities.  Working on a variety of different projects in this sector has given us insight as to what works and what does not, and allows us to provide our customers with the best possible solution to their systems or to the equipment itself.  We've been involved in renovating systems / equipment to get different city's systems up to the standards of today, and also been involved in projects on the forefront of technology where we've installed a system that dewaters / dries a city's sludge intake to the point where it is certified as Class A fertilizer.  North Bay has cultivated good working relationships with various local municipalities and the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) working on a multitude of different projects, and we adhere to our own high standards of excellence to ensure that our customers are more than satisfied at project completion.

mechanical piping / equipment installation & upgrades

One of the true gems of Northeast Ohio is the NASA Glenn Research Center in Brookpark, Ohio.  North Bay Construction has been lucky enough to be involved in a wide array of mechanical projects at NASA Glenn that are extremely complicated and complex.  One previous project at NASA Glenn involved upgrading the Propulsion Systems Laboratory so that NASA could address turbine engine core icing in airplanes.  North Bay was tasked with the installation of heat exchangers, chilling equipment, and all the piping and associated mechanical equipment for the system. With any complex project comes challenges, and in this case it was that this system was to be installed in a very restrictive area.  We were able to use a intricate, methodical array of rigging as opposed to using a crane, and we were able to complete the job on time and within budget.

Another project we were involved in was the upgrade to the Icing Research Tunnel (IRT).  The IRT is used by NASA to simulate icing conditions that exist in the earth's atmosphere, and then they can test equipment as to how it will perform under those conditions.  North Bay was contracted by Jacobs Technology out of Tennessee to install 26' x 50' wall of heat exchanger coils which hadn't been updated since the facility began operations in 1945.  The work involved installation of heat exchangers, chillers, condensers, and all the associated piping.

One of North Bay's principles is that no job is too difficult or challenging.  Being located in NASA Glenn's backyard has given us the chance to pursue these intricate, challenging projects.  We've completed many projects at NASA Glenn, and continue to be a contractor who is sought after by both NASA itself as a general contractor as well as a subcontractor to larger contractors to undertake and perform these complex projects.


design - build services

For a customer who is looking for one contractor to take their conceptual idea and turn it into a finished product, North Bay Construction is the contractor for you.  With our three (3) on staff engineers (mechanical, civil, & electrical), experienced project managers, and our highly skilled workforce, we will work hand in hand, step by step with our customers from implementation to end.  Our strategy is simple: utilize the most reliable technologies, never over-engineer, minimize moving parts, and always deliver high quality and functionality to the customer.

North Bay worked with a variety of customers in different lines of business to turn their ideas into reality.  We have previously worked with The Ohio State University is designing a state of the art grain feed mill system for them in Wooster, Ohio.  Avon Oaks Country Club in Avon, Ohio came to us with the goal of providing their members with a facility to play tennis year round, and we provided them with a fully functional, 120' x 272' air supported dome that houses 5 tennis courts.

Whatever your goals / projects may be, you can count on North Bay Construction, Inc. to take your idea, design and develop a functional, cost effective plan, and deliver a quality end product while maintaining constant communication with you throughout the process.

Your professional staff and talented craftsmen completed our unique assignment on time and on budget. In the process, your team also enabled our company to construct a one-of-a-kind research facility with state-of-the-art chilled glycol systems and cooling towers. This facility enhances NASA’s ability to advance conventional jet engine technology and bring additional skilled jobs to northeast Ohio.
— Joseph H. Dabrowski, Ed-Arch Erie, JV